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Ceti Eel
Federation Models'
1/1 Scale Resin Kit
By Lance "THIS is Ceti Alpha Five!!!" Masunaga

Featured In: October 2008 Newsletter

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Federation Model's Ceit Alpha 5 Eel in 1/1scale

The Ceti Eel was the nasty creature that Khan put into Captain Tyrell's and poor Commander Chekov's ears in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." Resembling an overgrown ant lion, the Ceti Eel's parasitic larvae (as told by Khan himself) "enter through the ears, and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex. This has the effect of rendering the victims highly susceptible to…suggestion. Later, as they…grow, there follows madness… And death."

Federation Model's Ceit Alpha 5 Eel in 1/1scale

Federation Models' Ceti Eel caused neither madness nor death, but seeing the kit available on-line had a certain suggestive effect on the "buy this" finger. $27 later, the kit was in my hands. Looking into the cardboard box, it was obvious that this was going to be a quick build, as there was all of one part! The single piece resin casting had a lot of tiny air bubbles, but the mold parting lines were remarkably clean. The sculpting on the upper half of the body was really good, but the underside detail looked like the pattern maker got tired and only put in a half-hearted effort.

Federation Model's Ceit Alpha 5 Eel in 1/1scale

After cleaning up the parting lines and filling the bubbles in with Vallejo Plastic Putty, it was off to paint the little beast. The model was prepped with a coat of Mr. Surfacer 1200 Grey Primer sprayed from the rattle can.

Vallejo acrylics were used exclusively to paint the model, starting with a base coat of dark brown, followed with progressively lighter browns. The movie DVD was used for reference, along with the one photo that exists on the internet. The eyes were base coated with yellow and received a thinned red wash. The pupils were painted black, then finished with a thinned yellow wash.

The wooden base was purchased from a craft store, and was covered with Citadel Modeling Sand groundwork. The craft glue used to secure the groundwork caused the base to warp over time.

Federation Model's Ceit Alpha 5 Eel in 1/1scale

Overall, the model is a pretty good representation of the "real" Ceti Eel, save for the lackluster sculpting on the undersides and the "paraplegic" hind legs.

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