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High Elf Lord on Dragon

By Lance “Orkork” Masunaga

Featured In: September 2009 Newsletter

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  • Kit Data: Manufacturer:
  • Games Workshop Product Number: 99120210011
  • Materials: Styrene MSRP: $45.00
  • Available from: Armchair Adventurer

Gamesworkshop High Elf Warlord on Dragon in 25mm scale

This kit is all injection molded; there are no white metal parts for this model. There are 2 different style of dragons which you can build and 3 different styles of riders. The different styles depend on which version you build. Since I do not play the game, I decided to take what I thought were the most interesting parts to make a custom figure.

My reason for building this model was because I was inspired by a screen capture of Orkork, the character which I play in the on-line game World of Warcraft. I thought it would be neat to build a figure on a flying mount.

Almost every single plastic model I have ever bought from Games Workshop never fit properly. Everything always went together terribly. Usually there were many gaps to be filled, and parts never matched up correctly. Also the seam lines tended to run down every single place where it was difficult to clean up. Furthermore, usually the type of plastic that GW used tended to be inferior to a regular scale model. Also, a lot of the thin and pointy areas tended to be fat and dull. This is not the case with this model.

Gamesworkshop High Elf Warlord on Dragon in 25mm scale

A simple change of colors to a more subdued palette transforms the model from a garish toy to an exquisite looking miniature.

At first glance, I had noticed that all of the pieces were sharpest I have ever seen on any plastic model. The detail is very crisp for an injection molded figure model. A lot of the seam lines fell on natural joints on the model, which made clean up very easy. Also, looking at the base of the model, they made it so there were only 3 pieces; left, right, and bottom.

As for modifications, I did use a helmet from a Dark Eldar figure set. I didn't want to see the character's face and wanted him to be fully enclosed in armor. I also wanted him to have a flowing cape instead of just sitting on a throne-like saddle. Since there were many optional parts, I had noticed that there was a pennant with a flowing piece of cloth attached to the bottom. I took the bottom part and converted it into a cape for the rider which looked like it was blowing in the wind. As for painting the model, I decided to start with Citadel’s Black Primer. I used black because I wanted to cut down on the light transmission through the thinner parts. Also, at this point in time, I did not know which what colors I wanted to paint it. I just had a general idea that I wanted it to look very dark and evil.

Gamesworkshop High Elf Warlord on Dragon in 25mm scale

However, I still wanted to highlight all of the detail on the model. When I looked at the box art, the color scheme didn't really appeal to me. I wanted to try to go for a more gritty scale look instead of the usual Games Workshop, multi-colored blingy look. Personally, I don't usually agree with GW’s choice of colors for their box art build ups. (A lot of GW’s box art photos qualify as sales repellent, IMHO! Ed)

For base coating, I used the Citadel Base Color line. I then used various shades of brown and grey washes to give the model more depth. The model was then drybrushed to bring out the details.

Gamesworkshop High Elf Warlord on Dragon in 25mm scale

The complex looking rock base was molded from only three well fitting pieces.

Overall, this was a fairly easy kit to build. I started building it on New Year Day and finished it 2 weeks after. I’m very satisfied with the way it came out and look forward to building more fantasy figures in the future. For me it’s always enjoyable building fictional characters because you don’t have to live within any rules. You can choose to build and paint your model any way you desire and no one can say that it is wrong.

  • Orkork-78-3crop
    This is a screenshot of my WoW character which inspired me to purchase and build this kit.
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