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Doyusha’s Tokyo Sky Tree
In 1/3000 Scale
By Valentin Bueno

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I absolutely hate it. I have the ability to recognize great models while being unable to build any. I’ve read all the books, got all the tools and buy all the great kits, and yet, my models, like an ugly lover, look better in the dark.

This is so true with this model. It’s not Doyusha’s fault, they created this new kit of Tokyo’s new Sky Tree Tower (a replacement/supplement to Tokyo’s famous Tokyo Tower) and I thought I would be able to do it justice.

But to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the kit. It’s more toy than model. The tower itself is molded as thick clear ABS plastic with the tower’s structure printed on the outside. Strong and simple. The base of the tower includes a portion of the surrounding neighborhood and underneath, a prewired lighting system.

A Lighting System?

Well, LED actually. A battery holder for two AA batteries and a switch installed on the side of the base. This is part of why it looks better in the dark, but more on that latter. The base with roadways and buildings molded in place was a little soft on detail; I was hoping the latest in slide molding would be used to create sidewall detail on the buildings and in the roadways. Nope. All the buildings were just rectangular blobs; the roads didn’t have curbs and so forth. But then at 1/3000 scale, I guess I shouldn’t be expecting the sliding doors to be operative.

Build and Paint

The central tower complex was quickly assembled and glued to the base. The base was blasted with NATO black. The sides of the base were then masked and the rest of the base was blasted with Aircraft Gray. Now the base looked like c**p.

The model stayed like this for a few weeks. I was so depressed at how I had pooched the base, that I was tempted to toss the kit. After a good cry (yes, grown modelers do cry as well as make airplane noises, but I digress), I broke out a bottle of Polly S Scale Black and painted the roadways. Now the model looked even worse.

After another few weeks looking forlorn and neglected on my desk and another good cry, I painted the buildings black, gray, red and so forth. The skylights in the Tower Complex were painted Tamiya Clear Blue as was the highrise on the end of the complex. Ok, it’s starting to look a little better. The kit includes grass material to be added to the top of the tower complex as a sky garden area. I used my own ground material and added grass and bushes to the building, the surrounding neighborhood and along the canal and train tracks in the base.


Close up of the Tower Complex with added trees

Looking Better

The tower itself was now assembled and the glass areas of the observation decks and restaurants were painted the same clear blue as before. The Tower has a central clear rod that helps align all the parts of the tower and decks. The tower was then glued to the base and a little grass added to the top of the restaurant. Not really there, but why not? Imagine a sky garden that high up.

“…You light up my Night….

I slipped in a pair of AA batteries and switched the LED on. OK, it looks better. The LED blinks on and off slowly with a blinker unit. Cool.

One morning as I was going to work, I turned the lights on and forgot to turn it off when I left. When I got home that evening at 21:00, I walked into the darkened room and saw the tower blinking blue light.

It definitely looks better in the dark.

Feeling Blue.

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The attack of the 500 foot tall resin woman!

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