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Making The Kessel Run
In Less Than 12 Parsecs
By: Val “Speedy Gonzales” Bueno
Kit Millennium Falcon
Manufacturer: Fine Molds
Scale: 1/144
Kit Number: FNMSW11
MSRP: $96.95 (US MSRP)
Available From: All good hobby shops

She’s fast enough for you old man?

Just as predicted, I was able to finish the 1/144th scale kit of the Fine Molds Millennium Falcon in record time. Even working on it for only five minutes a day, I was able to fully assemble the model in two weeks. That’s got to be some kind of World Record! At least it is for me; Mark Sindiong still holds the Imperial Intergalactic Speed Record for building and finishing a model. Painting with Tamiya rattle cans and using all of the kit decals took only another week.

Weathering this little beastie took only another week. OK so it’s still a one month job, but that’s still quicker than most of my builds at five minutes a day!

Making the jump to light speed

As soon as the kit was open on my desk, I pulled out the sprue cutters and started removing and dry fitting the parts. I jumped on this kit so quickly that I forgot to take photos of the parts for the In-The-Box-Review! Good thing I had a second kit. All the parts fit together so well, it literally was like throwing in a tube of glue and shaking the box.

Of course speed and haste is also my downfall. In my exuberance to finish this model, I glued the upper and lower hulls together as soon as the parts were ready. I should have painted the space between the mandibles first because getting spray from a rattle can all the way in the back of the throat is impossible. I am glad the kit and the paint are both gray………

What a Piece of Junk!

As the young Luke Skywalker uttered under his breath upon seeing the Millennium Falcon, so I must make is so with paint and weathering. I gave the entire model a blast of Tamiya Clear gloss from a rattle can. Decals were applied and another bombardment of clear. A thin solution of a dirty wash was mixed from Polly S Black and Tamiya Thinner was used to darken the gaps between the hull plating. A less dirty solution of thinner and paint was used as a filter to tone down the contrast between the darkened gaps and the gray hull plating. This also added streaks of dust and dirt to the surface. At this time the entire model was coated with Tamiya clear flat from the rattle can.

Looking at the decals added for the other colors on the hull, chipping was evident. Assuming this chipping occurred as chunks of ice fell on the Falcon as it was attacked on Hoth, or the scratches asteroids would make as the Falcon flew through an asteroid field, I felt such weathering was warranted and necessary. Different shades of gray paint were used to add chipping to the entire model. Please keep in mind that I am modeling a vehicle and not a movie prop.

Pastels and weathering pigments from MiG Productions and other sources were rubbed into the finish in various places to indicate staining and blaster effects. I mean those digestive juices from Mynocks and that giant asteroid worm must have left some stains on this ship, right?

In areas with lots of piping going hither and thither, I added oil spots and streaking fluids of different colors, black, redand yellowish. A last blast of flat clear to seal all the weathering was added to the model. I sanded different panels with my trusty Mr. Polisher (electric tooth brush with sandpaper pad contact cemented on the end) to change the sheen of the flat coat and added further dimension to the model.

I can’t see a thing with the blast shield down!

I masked the canopy and the gun turret ports with the pre printed but not die cut masking sheets and sprayed them with the same USAF Light Gray that the rest of the model was painted with. These parts were added to the model and the top and bottom turret guns finally added. And that is the proverbial that, all done.

Hey, I got one! Don’t get cocky, kid!!!

Well actually I have two. Knowing that this kit will probably sell out quickly, I ordered two from HLJ. I am contemplating building the second one as an unmodified version. No missing panels, no external piping, an observation bubble instead of guns and so forth. Maybe a bright chrome ImpEx (Imperial Express) scheme? On the second one I definitely will juice that sucker up with some lighting effects! Just you wait!

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