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Dragon Gate Bookstore


  • Monday-Friday: 09:30am-05:00pm
  • Saturday: 09:30am-04:00pm
  • Sunday: 09:30am-02:30pm

Located at Chinese Cultural Plaza in Downtown, Dragon Gate Bookstore is your one stop shop for imported movies. Just about any movie imported from Asia can be found here. If Emily doesn't sell it in her shop, there's a chance she can order it for you. One of the first things you will notice is that her shop may seem small, but almost every square inch is packed with movies and videos.

One thing which you should be aware of is that she only brings in legit copies of a movie. She does not sell pirated movies here unlike some of her competitors. You can always be assured that you are purchasing an original copy. The downside to selling original copies is that DVDs have different regions.

Because of the different regions you may find a movie which might not work on a DVD player you have purchased due to the region lock. There are region free DVD players available online or check out your local store. If you decide to look at at local store, some DVD Players can be changed to be region free. This is because the firmware of the player is the same for all different regions so instead of making different software you can change it by entering a secret code.

Owner Emily Ng drowning in a sea of Asian movies.

How does Dragon Gate Bookstore relate to models?

Even though America has lots of major movie companies, there are lots of other big budget foreign films which are available. One movie comes to mind is "The Men of the Yamato". It's a story about Japan's most iconic battleship the Yamato and its one way journey. Foreign war movies are interesting to watch since their view is a different from an American point of view.

Here's a listing of some of the historical movies which might be of interest:


Tae Guk Gi

Battle Under Orion