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March 2009 Gun Show

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The big club news is that we took first place in the display competition at the Hawaii Historical Arms Association’s “Great Guns” show, which was held on March 7 and 8 at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall! Our display covered the history of Soviet armored fighting vehicles, complete with big red flag and mascot Ivan.

IPMS Hawaii Gun Show March 2009

Comrade Nealski Izumrad receives the check for the club’s first place prize in the display competition.

This is the first time we have even placed in the competition, so it came as quite a surprise. For our efforts, Comrades, we have been awarded $100 Amerikanski dollars!

IPMS Hawaii Gun Show March 2009

Ivan is justifiably proud to have been part of IPMSSR Hawaii’s winning display at the “Great Guns” show!

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated! Once the patriotic fervor subsides, the club will be allowed to return to its normal programming.

IPMS Hawaii Gun Show March 2009

A glorious moment in Soviet history, captured by the camera lens! For seen here, gentle reader, is Comrade Jerrykova Stanfieldonovich demonstrating the latest firearm to be issued to our gallant infantry units. Incredibly, the ammunition for this formidable weapon is the humble potato, grown on our very own Collective Farms! Ingenious? Da, Comrade!!!

For those who like to study statistics, there were twenty in-theme and five miscellaneous models at the show. Nine members contributed models, while twelve helped staff the tables. Once again, thanks to all who helped make the display happen!


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