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IPMS Gun Show

March 2011

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We had an excellent turn out and participation from club members supporting the event. Manning the tables and helping with set up/tear down were Jay Nakasone, Pete Bega, Glenn Boss, Curtis Craft, Dean Ichiyama, Dean Lazarou, Andrew Leong, Chris Lovewell, Lance Masunaga, Mark Nagamori, John Palimo’o, PJ Permejo, Brad Sekigawa, Jerry Stanfield, & Marshall Ariza. Also contributing models were Lloyd Ogata, Mac Macomber, and Neal Izumi. Spotted at the show were Les & Justin Hirano, Mark Sindiong, Val Bueno, and Elias Ali.

This year's theme was "IPMS Battleship Row - 2010 in Review.” Included in our display were snapshots of the club's past activities, a mini-December 7 display, and a "how to build models" clinic booth. Also included in our display were a wide variety of the subjects our members built including sci fi, gundams, cars, armor, guns, ships, dioramas, and the ever popular prop & jet planes. A new category this year was "architecture" with Jay’s pagoda temple model.

Jay led the "how to build models" clinic by building a P-51B Mustang with Curtis on Saturday and Sunday. Jay also spent several hours helping a young man build his first model and he appears to be hooked! (See picture on page 2). Also spotted in the "how to build models" clinic area were Brad and Marshall, who were trying to figure out how to build a paper battleship turret.

Special thanks to Leighton Kato for cleaning out his condo and donating so many model kits for the kit give-aways. Thanks to the other club members who also donated kits - see attached pictures for some of the happy recipients.

As a result of our combined efforts, we were awarded the coveted 3rd Prize and a $50 check! Thanks so much to everyone for attending, helping set up & tear down, and supporting the club with your models!

Our first display of 2011 and wow, what turn out. This display did not have any type of theme and was very informal.

USS Arizona in 1/350 scale build by Mac


We'll be back. (In September)


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