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IPMS Gun Show

September 2009

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We’re number one! The club’s model display at the fall Hawaii Gun Show was awarded first place in the display competition, the second time this year! IPMS Hawaii sweeps 2009!

IPMS Hawaii Gun Show September 2009

Masterminded by Jay Nakasone, the display’s theme was “How to Build Plastic Models,” and was warmly received by the crowds. The display used the venerable Monogram 1/48 P-51D Mustang to show how a model is progressively transformed from a box of parts to a finished model. And no, we didn’t show the aftermath of the “model flung into the wall” scenario!

A lot of the older people who stopped by to chat with us remarked “Oh yeah, I remember building models when I was young…” There seemed to be a lot of nostalgia in the air. We were able to give away a bunch of kits to the kids at the show as well, thanks to generous donations by Jay and Leighton. One little boy managed to fully assemble his model before the show ended on Sunday!

There seemed to be more interest and interaction by the public this time, most likely due to the format of the display. Rather than showcasing a parade of intimidating looking finished models, a simple model was shown as it would actually look while being assembled. I think non-modelers found this easy to understand, and so felt more comfortable approaching us to talk story.

IPMS Hawaii Gun Show September 2009

Congratulations are in order for those who helped with the display, and a special thank you goes to Jay for coming up with the concept, pushing it through, and making it happen! JAY, YOU DA MAN!!!

Jay brought an interesting relic from the club’s past to the gun show, a club newsletter from the 1980s! It was in a small newspaper format, and featured kit reviews, a Su-25 Frogfoot article with drawings, and a wartime story! The newsletter was written entirely by Burl and Dennis, so I cannot complain that no one is contributing to the current club rag! But one burning question I have is: Why do the guys on the cover look like they are wearing falsies and coconut tops?

And Tom Gordon provided the club with a copy of the 1995 edition of the IPMS Judge’s Handbook. It is an interesting read, so we will post it on our website for all to enjoy. A lot has changed in modeling over the past fourteen years, but the basics remain. That is an important thing to remember when entering a model contest sponsored by IPMS.


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