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Memorial Day

Pearl Harbor Display 2011


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The club held a one day model display at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument (a.k.a. our club meeting place) on Memorial Day, Monday May 30, 2011, and ran from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. The theme was US military forces from WW I to the present day. Although we had some last minute cancellations, we had more than enough models to fill the six tables.

Thanks to all who helped put on the display, whether it was providing a model or manning the tables. Special thanks go to Mac Macomber who ran the show while Jay and Marshall were away. Thanks also to Lloyd Ogata, who once again stood out in the burning sun greeting visitors. (We need to get a bikini clad mascot girl to hold an umbrella for him, and to spritz him with a water mist when it gets too hot.) And last but certainly not least, a big thank you to Danny Martinez for accommodating us!

In order to improve our future model displays, we have been doing informal post-mortems to determine our strengths and weaknesses. One thing that stood out was that dioramas have a much greater impact than a standalone model. Dioramas tell a story, and place men and machines into context of how they were used. I know firsthand that building a diorama can be costly, and they take up a lot of space, but a well executed diorama is 100% eye candy for the visitors, and helps them better understand what we are trying to show them. Designing and building a diorama is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, exercise your creativity, and learn something new.

For a start, I suggest that we make some generic bases for different eras and locales, start a collection of figures, support vehicles, and some additional “props” like structures and scenery, all to be used in our future displays.

And weaknesses? You know, I honestly can’t think of any major ones. You guys have been doing a great job supporting the displays. We seem to be getting better and better with each one we do, and member participation is going up. It’s the people who make a club, and you guys make IPMS Hawaii a great club! (Hey we even got a plaque for that!)



  • IMG 3437LQ
    Built By Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 3439LQ
    Built By Mark Sindiong
  • IMG 3441LQ
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • IMG 3443LQ
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • IMG 3444LQ
    Built by Mark Sindiong
  • IMG 3447LQ
    Built By Marshall Ariza
  • IMG 3449LQ
  • IMG 3451LQ
  • IMG 3454LQ
  • IMG 3457LQ
  • IMG 3458LQ
  • IMG 3461LQ
  • IMG 3463LQ
  • IMG 3469LQ
  • IMG 3471LQ
  • IMG 3473LQ
  • IMG 3474LQ
  • IMG 3478LQ
  • IMG 3480LQ
  • IMG 3482LQ
  • IMG 3485LQ
  • IMG 3487LQ
  • IMG 3488LQ
  • IMG 3491LQ
  • IMG 3492LQ
  • IMG 3493LQ
  • IMG 3494LQ
  • IMG 3497LQ
  • IMG 3499LQ
  • IMG 3501LQ
  • IMG 3503LQ
  • IMG 3504LQ
  • IMG 3506LQ
  • IMG 3511LQ
  • IMG 3513LQ
  • IMG 3515LQ
  • IMG 3517LQ
  • IMG 3519LQ
  • IMG 3520LQ
  • IMG 3523LQ
  • IMG 3524LQ
  • IMG 3526LQ
  • IMG 3528LQ
  • IMG 3530LQ
  • IMG 3532LQ
  • IMG 3533LQ
  • IMG 3536LQ
  • IMG 3538LQ
  • IMG 3540LQ
  • IMG 3541LQ
  • IMG 3543LQ
  • IMG 3545LQ
  • IMG 3547LQ
  • IMG 3549LQ
  • IMG 3551LQ
  • IMG 3553LQ
  • IMG 3555LQ
  • IMG 3557LQ
  • IMG 3558LQ
  • IMG 3559LQ
  • IMG 3560LQ
  • IMG 3561LQ
  • IMG 3562LQ
  • IMG 3564LQ
  • IMG 3565LQ
  • IMG 3566LQ
  • IMG 3567LQ
  • IMG 3568LQ
  • IMG 3570LQ
  • IMG 3571LQ
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  • IMG 3573LQ
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  • IMG 3575LQ
  • IMG 3576LQ
  • IMG 3577LQ
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