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War In the Pacific

A Historical Interpretation in Miniature

Pearl Harbor Display: December 2010

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The club’s model display at the “World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument” (aka the Arizona Memorial) ran from Sunday 12/5/10 to Tuesday 12/7/10. The theme was “War in the Pacific: A Historical Interpretation in Miniature”, so naturally we had WW 2 Pacific themed models on show. In addition to the usual aircraft, there were ships and armor as well. Highlights included Elias Ali’s Kido Butai IJN strike force, the club mascot Battleship Row diorama, a fantastic 1/32 Zero by Chris Lovewell, a collection of outstanding Battle of Midway dioramas by Ken Nagamori, and Dennis Sienkiewicz’s Enola Gay, the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. We had over ninety models on the tables, which made it the biggest public display the club has done in recent years.

Some guys from the Japanese magazine “Model Art” came over and photographed the display, so we can look forward to some international exposure in the near future. They got complimentary IPMS Hawaii Battleship Row shirts, which the club debuted during the display.

We had a chance to take in the brand new museum facilities, which featured the restored models of the USS Arizona, IJN Akagi, and the USS Arizona Memorial, all of which were worked on by Brad “the Shogun” Sekigawa. New to the exhibit was a 1/3rd scale Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” torpedo bomber, which was suspended from the ceiling and posed for a torpedo attack. Very cool!

Public reaction was very favorable, and based on the results of this display, we will be fine tuning it to even higher standards in the future. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed models and/or sat the display. Special thanks go to Lloyd Ogata and John Palimo’o, who greeted visitors and directed foot traffic all day long for the duration of the display. And finally, a big “thank you” to Jay Nakasone, who masterminded the whole operation. Well done lads!


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