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Leighton Kato


"I first met Leighton at the Legionnaire Hobby Shop when it was at Houghtailing Street in Kalihi around 1976. He was always more of a war gamer rather than a model builder but he was always enthusiastic about the hobby. His knowledge of military history, especially about the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army before and during WWII, was encyclopedic. He was a fixture at our displays at the old Arizona Memorial, building models and talking with the visitors and other model builders, much like Tom Teliczan. Both will be sorely missed and the circle of Hawaii IPMSers just got a lot smaller with their passing. Leighton was truly a unique individual and I personally will miss him. "

"I think I remember Leighton from the early 80’s at an IPMS Meeting and at the Legionnaire. As Dennis mentioned he was more of a wargamer than a modeler, but it never stopped him from making models. And he always admired the work of everyone else and wished he could be as skilled and detailed, but I told him that he already was, an his knowledge on any WW II was unsurpassed. He often corrected me on many IJN IJA aircraft which made me work harder, and taught me how do real research in those subjects. His wealth of knowledge and presence at our displays will be sorely missed. Thank you Leighton for all you did for us."
"I also met LKK at the houghtailing legionnaire. We've been war gaming/model building friends ever since (39 years)."
"Being a 1/72 modeler, I always enjoyed seeing Leighton at the Armchair Adventurer--he usually knew what was new or something I might be interested in. So, in a way, I will forever associate my visits to the Armchair Adventurer with Leighton. I always appreciated his enthusiasm and knowledge."

HMS Vampire Review by Leighton Kato