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Minimum Falcon!
(Millennium Falcon)
By Val “R2 StiG2” Bueno

Kit Data:
Scale: 1/144
Manufacturer: Fine Molds
Product Number: FNMSW-11
Materials: Injection molded styrene
MSRP: 4,700 Yen
Available from: Hobby Link Japan
Again? Fine Molds released the classic kit of the highly recognizable Millennium Falcon in 1/72 scale back in 2005. The only real problems with the kit were the parts count (about 1000) and the size. The high parts count meant that you got tired of cutting off parts, cleaning them up and figuring out how they all fit together.

After 5 years working on my copy of the kit, it sits on my desk about 55% complete assembly wise. I don’t even want to think about the painting stage. The model was molded in 1/72 scale and that meant it doesn’t fit in my display case! Arghghghghg.

Now Fine Molds has released the Millennium Falcon (hereafter shortened to MF because I am lazy) in a more manageable 1/144th scale. This is approximately half the size of the previous kit, yet with all the detail. Some of the detail had to lose its fidelity in order to survive the molding process, but for 1/144th scale, it still looks fantastic.

The hull is molded in upper and lower halves with the cockpit supplied as a separate add on module. The detail included in the cockpit is pretty good for a 1/144th scale kit. You get all four seats and a little bit of the instrument panel. The pilot seats even have the deep cushions on the movie’s original lazy-boy style seats.

Like the 1/72 scale kit, the sidewall detail between the hulls is supplied as separate parts to be added to the spots on the hull sides. Details in the open panels located all over the ship are taken care of by inserts under the openings.

The detail in the upper and lower gun turrets was sacrificed in this scale. No seat or recessed gun pit. Oh well, it’s too small to see anyway. One good thing about this will be the ability to use the available space for a battery if you chose to light you MF.

This model is again a replica of the MF used in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi movies in that it has the five landing gear format. The Original Star Wars movie MF only had three landing gear legs. According to the knowledgeable Mr. Izumi, they added a second pair of forward legs due to problems they had with the original set. For those wishing to model an original MF, a lot of work will be needed to remove the leg bays.

A small decal sheet is included that has the different colored panels so that we don’t have to mask and paint these ourselves. Frankly, I’ll hand paint these, thank you. They also supply a preprinted masking set for the canopy, but are not precut. I might hand paint the canopy as well, thank you very much.

At approximately ¥4700 (or about $50) you get a really well detailed model of a famous space ship from a classic movie that will be easy to build, and paint and won’t cost a mint. Remember, the original 1/72 scale kit was around $200. Half the size and 1/4th the price. Sounds like a good deal to me. Highly recommended.

I’ll let the photos of the kit parts do the talking from here on out. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts I get this one done first!

  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
    Parts for the cockpit “neck”, engine grilles and hull end caps.
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
    A close-up of the cockpit tub and hull end cap.
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
    These are detail inserts that fit into the cut outs in the upper rear hull, next to the engine deck.
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
    Lotsa and lotsa parts. But not as much as the 1/72nd scale version.
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
    Decals and DIY canopy masks. Pre-cut next time please, Fine Molds?
  • Fine Mold's Millennium Falcon in 1/144scale
    The clear parts. Not much to them, thank goodness.