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February 2009 Meeting

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Meeting Info

At last month’s meeting, we had a couple of new faces. Mike “Waco” Cabral is an F-22A Raptor pilot stationed in Alaska. Mike naturally likes to build aircraft models in all the major scales. Mark Ridosh likes to build difficult kits, judging by the Beriev Be-4 kit he brought to the meeting! So far so good Mark, and we look forward to seeing the built model! Member Pete Bega brought his grandson Joseph Bega to the meeting. Although he does not build models yet, we still have time to work on him. And Peter Schupp returns to the club after a hiatus. Welcome back Peter!

Greg Shoda wowed us with yet another paper ship model that he designed and made himself. Although he modestly claimed that it was full of construction errors, it sure came close to looking like an injection molded model! Good work Greg!

Lance “Big Sci-Fi Bird” Masunaga brought a HPD police car that he modified with aftermarket parts and added a scratchbuilt push bar on the bumper. Lance works for the Honolulu Police Department, so his interest in the subject is understandable.

Gary Dobias gave us an interesting demonstration on how to use compressed gas cylinders to power an airbrush. The cylinders are used for nail guns as well as paintball, so getting a refill is as easy as heading off to the nearest Sports Authority!


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February 2009

  • Kit Build Up: Kugel Panzer: Attack Hobby 1/35
  • Kit Review: Boeing C-17A: Revell Germany 1/144
  • Kit Build Up: Ferrari Testa Rossa: Hasegawa 1/24
  • Kit Review: Martian War Machine:  Pegasus 1/48