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March 2009 Meeting

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Meeting Info

Club News and Other Rubbish The March meeting’s theme was “cheapo-cheapo models” - anything under twenty bucks, and without any of that fancy (and expensive) aftermarket stuff. The cheapest model was brought by Weldon Dunlap. His 29 cent (!) Bf- 109F was super detailed, but only with homemade items. He built the model in 1968, so you know the aftermarket was not even around!

Dennis Sienkiewicz showed us that even older kits can still match modern ones by bringing two sets of 1/48 scale planes, one set new and the other old. The raised panel lines of the Monogram P- 47D Thunderbolt “Razorback” gave away its ancient roots, but the Otaki F6F Hellcat fooled many into thinking that it was the newer kit compared to Hasegawa’s version. The following photos are some of the other “twenty and under” models that made the meeting.

We had a visit from Frank Mitchell from Atlanta. Frank scratchbuilds 1/32 aircraft, and has been in IPMS since 1965! We also had Dean Lazarou and Kevin Mc Cullough drop in for the first time. Welcome guys, and hope that you will become regulars to the club!


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March 2009

  • Kit Review: MiG-15bis: Hobby  Boss 1/72
  • Book Review: Harrier 2 Validating V/STOL
  • IPMS Hawaii Spring Gun Show