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March 2010 Meeting

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We had a new face at the meeting, Chris Craft, thanks to the club’s exposure at the “Great Guns” gun show held last month at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. Reverend Koji Ezaki from the Haleiwa Jodo Mission and Marshall Ariza, who both attended the meeting for the first time last month, joined us once again. Marshall was going to build a 1/144 scale B-58 Hustler for this month’s theme, but got a U-Boat in the mail by mistake! Old timer Gary Kuramoto also dropped in to the meeting. A warm welcome goes out to all new and returning members!

On a sadder note, the club has been notified that James “Fuj” Fujimoto passed away on March 18, 2010. James was a member in the 1980s and 1990s, but stopped coming to the meetings due to health problems. Persons wishing to offer their condolences should contact Leighton Kato.

The next two meetings (April and May) will be at the usual Pearl City High School auto shop location, but this may change in June due to scheduled renovation work at the school. We are looking at having our meetings at the renovated USS Arizona Visitor’s Center, so stay tuned for more information.

Jay Nakasone and John Palimo’o gave away model kits to the kids at the gun show, and since the response was so positive, we will be maintaining an open donation box for future events. Keep in mind that the kits should be new and unstarted, of fairly simple construction, and above all appealing to kids. For anyone interested in donating a kit, please see Jay.

The club kicked off a 1/72 scale Monogram B-52 group build, headed by Jay. We felt that we needed a B-52 for our public displays as it seems that we get asked for this particular plane a lot. The basic parameters for the build are: scribed panel lines, boxed in wheel wells, and a cool SEAC camouflage paint job. And dumb bombs. Lots and lots of them. We are hoping to complete the project before the year is out. If the B-52 project turns out well, we will be planning other large crowd-pleasing models. We also have the 1/48 Ju-88D1 that we received from the Hans-Graade Berlin club to do. If anyone wants in on the action, please see Jay.

This month’s theme was “1/144 Scale – The New 1/72 Scale”, but Dennis Sienkiewicz and Gert DeCouet apparently didn’t get the memo, as they both brought 1/32 scale planes! Dennis brought his Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II, while Gert wowed us with a Hasegawa Ju-87G2 “Kanonenvogel” Stuka tank buster that featured all the aftermarket accessories he could get his hands on.

Gert DeCouet's Hasegawa Ju-87G2 “Kanonenvogel” Stuka tank buster

Gert DeCouet's Hasegawa Ju-87G2 “Kanonenvogel” Stuka tank buster

Dean Lazarou also didn’t get the memo, but that’s because he wasn’t on the e-mail list. (This oversight has since been corrected – sorry Dean!) Nevertheless, his Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen II was very nicely built, despite it being one of the “Big T’s” earlier releases. He also brought a WIP DML/Cyberhobby Sherman Firefly which looked like it was coming along nicely despite Dean’s professed aversion to kits with a lot of pieces! Dean also brought a pair of in-theme Gundam models, one of which was a Gundam Mk II from the TV show “Zeta Gundam”.

Lance “Orkork” Masunaga got the memo, but chose to ignore it and invaded the meeting with his Warhammer models. His Orks, monsters, and other creatures were well received at the recent gun show, so expect more Warhammer in the future!

A couple of guys did get the memo, including Leighton with his metal Skytrex Sopwith Triplane, a trio of Japanese “Gashapon” planes, as well as a collection of “Wings of War” World War I gaming miniatures. Mark “Markymark” Nagamori also brought a bunch of “Wings of War” planes, a whole squadron from the looks of it! He also brought a Gundam from the classic TV show as well as a Gaplant Hrairoo (I didn’t make that one up!) from Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s original story “Advance of Zeta.”

Jerry Stanfield brought his WIP LS P-3C Orion sub hunter, while Brad Sekigawa brought no less than three in-progress models (an SH-60D Seahawk, A-10A Warthog, and F/A-18E Super Hornet). Neal “unfinished” Izumi showed up with an incomplete Trumpeter Kilo Class submarine.

After “show-n-tell”, Brad gave us a demonstration on using cotton buds as miniature polishing pads for small clear parts. Not only is this a great way to polish those hard to reach areas, but the buds are cheap and easy to find. Thanks Brad-Sensei!

The upcoming April meeting is open, ie no theme, so just bring what you brung. Finish those models, and see you next month!


  • LS 1/144 P-3C Orion
    Built by Jerry Stanfield
  • Games Workshop Ork Trukk in 25mm by  Lance Masunaga
    Built by Lance Masunaga
  • Gamesworkshop Ork Warbikers in 25mm by Lance Masunaga
    Built by Lance Masunaga
  • Trumpeter Kilo Class Submarine in 1/144scale by Neal Izumi
    Built by Neal Izumi
  • Trumpeter:  A-7E Corsair II in 1/32scale by Dennis Sienkiewicz
    Built by Dennis Sienkiewicz
  • IMG 1656lq Brad Sekigawa
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • Hasegawa Ju-87G2 Kanonenvogel in 1/32scale by Gert DeCouet
    Hasegawa 1/32 Ju-87G2 Kanonenvogel
  • IMG 1667lq Crop Leighton Kato
    Built by Leighton Kato
  • Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen II in 1/35scale by Dean Lazarou
    Built by Dean Lazarou
  • Bandai  HGUC Gaplant Hrairoo in 1/144scale by Mark Nagamori
    Built by Mark Nagamori
  • IMG 1673LQ
    Built by Dean Lazarou
  • Bandai RX-178 Gundam Mk II in 1/144scale by Dean Lazarou
    Built by Dean Lazarou
  • IMG 1677lq
  • IMG 1679lq Crop
  • IMG 1681lq Crop
  • IMG 1686lq Crop
  • IMG 1691lq Crop
  • IMG 1694lq Crop
  • IMG 1695lq Crop
  • IMG 1703LQ
  • IMG 1709LQ



March 2010

  • Kit Build: The Aftermarket Hog: Aoshima’s I401 Submarine In 1/700 Scale
  • Kit Review: Anigrand’s Sukhoi T50 In 1/144 Scale
  • Photo Gallery: IPMS Hawaii at the Spring Great Guns Show