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May 2010 Meeting

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If you haven’t heard by now, our club will be meeting at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument (a.k.a. the Arizona Visitor’s Center) starting this month. So take note and remind your fellow members that the May meeting will be the last time at the auto shop in Pearl City High School. The meeting day and time will be unchanged (last Saturday of the month at 6:00pm). I would like to give thanks to Alan Freitas, who has graciously allowed us to use his classroom for nearly a decade. A big mahalo to you Alan!

We have been asked to assist in organizing and running a model contest at the Winter EXP-Con, which will run from November 13 thru 14 at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. EXP-Con is a sci-fi multi-media event, which as far as I can tell, is like an omnibus of movie/anime/gaming genres rolled into one big burrito. The model contest is sci-fi themed, so don’t expect to see any P-51D Mustangs or Tiger I tanks. It is scheduled to run on Sunday only, so we can set up a club display and do demos on Saturday. The space allotted to us is 6’ x 6’, so we will need to carefully plan our display and not overrun out table. The event organizers are also considering having a car show and car model contest at the same time (possibly run by the local model car club). Having two model contests at the same venue should be exciting. You can check out the EXP-Con’s website at: http://www.exp-con.com

May’s theme was “Shut Up And Build It”, and about two dozen models showed up. Burl brought a bunch of East European WW II softskin vehicles, all mounted on very nice custom made cherry wood bases. The ground cover he used looked great, with patchy spots that avoided the typical “golf green” look of most commercially available terrain mats.

Jay brought some of his models for the upcoming “War in the Pacific” model display that we will be having over at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument on December 4-5. All members are encouraged to put in a model or two. Jay has started a database to catalogue the models, to identify “holes” in the collection. So let him know what you are planning on bringing. Dennis reminded us that the first model people will be asking for is a B-52. Even though it is not a WW II Pacific War subject, we get a lot of requests for this particular plane for some reason. (But no worries, because we are already working on one!)

Justin, our former junior member, was on summer break from college and brought a Guncannon that he built in three days while in school. I think they need to give him more homework

Larry Ikeda, a former local IPMS member from the 1970’s, also dropped in to check out the meeting. Long time no see Larry, and welcome back!

Next month will be an open meeting, but remember, it will be at the “World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument”, not at the Pearl City auto shop classroom!


  • IMG 1791LQ
    Built by Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 1797LQ
    Built by Jerry Stansfield
  • IMG 1799LQ
    Built by Dennis Sienkiewicz
  • IMG 1801LQ
    Built by Dennis Sienkiewicz
  • IMG 1803LQ
    Built by Justin Hirano
  • IMG 1807LQ
    Built by Burl Burlingame
  • IMG 1814LQ
    Built by Mark Nagamori I think someone needs a hug!
  • IMG 1819LQ
    Built by Leighton Kato
  • IMG 1822LQ
    Built by Mark Nagamori
  • IMG 1824LQ
    Built by Alan Freitas
  • IMG 1826LQ
  • IMG 1827LQ
    Built by Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 1830LQ
    Built by Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 1835LQ
    Work in progress by Neal Izumi
  • IMG 1837LQ
    built by Marshall Ariza
  • IMG 1838LQ
    Built by Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 1841LQ
    Built by Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 1844LQ
    Built by Lance Masunaga
  • IMG 1847LQ
    Built by Pete Bega
  • IMG 1851LQ
    Built by Jay Nakasone
  • IMG 1853LQ
  • IMG 1856LQ
  • IMG 1859LQ
    Built by Burl Burlingame



May 2010

  • Technique: How To Build Gundam: A pictorial guide to building Bandai’s HGUC Zaku II
  • Kit Review: Minimum Falcon!!! Fine Mold’s 1/144 Millennium Falcon
  • Accessory Review: Model Cellar’s Mk.IV British WWI Tank Track Set
  • Technique: The Contour Gauge