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June 2010 Meeting

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  • IMG 1876LQ
  • IMG 1876LQ
  • IMG 1877LQ
  • IMG 1880LQ
  • IMG 1881LQ
    Dennis Sienkiewicz’s 1/48 Trumpeter Focke-Wulf FW-200C Condor, the “scourge of the Atlantic.”
  • IMG 1883LQ
    Jay Nakasone’s 1/48 Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F, marked as an aircraft serving aboard the USS Saratoga.
  • IMG 1885LQ
    Brad Sekigawa’s 1/72 Revell PT-109, under construction.
  • IMG 1888LQ
    Dean Lazarou’s 1/48 Hasegawa Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (aka Tony to the Allies), built in only ten days!
  • IMG 1890LQ
    Weldon Dunlap’s 1/72 Micro Yak-1B.
  • IMG 1893LQ
    Pete Bega’s 1/72 Italeri Mikyoan-Gurevich MiG-29 “Fulcrum”, in German post-reunification markings.
  • IMG 1898LQ
    John Palimo’o’s 1/48 Airfix BAE Hawk, in Canadian markings.
  • IMG 1899LQ
    Mac Macomber’s 1/48 Italeri North American F-86 Sabre, in “Skyblazers” markings.
  • IMG 1909LQ
    Alan Freitas’ 1/72 Roden Albatros W.4, Airfix Bristol F2.B, and Roden Junkers D.I.
  • IMG 1912LQ
    Marky-Mark Nagamori’s AFV Club Taiwanese “Indigenous Defense Fighter” egg plane.
  • IMG 1918LQ
    Lance Masunaga’s tribute to our former Pearl City High School meeting place – some fierce looking termites from “Starship Troopers!”
  • IMG 1921LQ
    Neal “unfinished again” Izumi’s 1/144 Trumpeter Kilo Class sub.
  • IMG 1930LQ
    Mac Macomber’s Lindbergh Nantucket light ship – with lights that really work!
  • IMG 1932LQ
    Mat Macomber’s 1/700 Trumpeter DKM Prinz Eugen, the only German battleship to survive WW II.
  • IMG 1934LQ
    Mac Macomber’s 1/700 Trumpeter USS Hornet, as she appeared during the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in 1942.
  • IMG 1927LQ
  • IMG 1924LQ


June 2010

  • Kit Build Up: Platz’s RQ-4 Global Hawk Kit Build
  • Kit Review: AModel’s White Knight and Spaceship One In Review
  • Kit Review: DML/Cyberhobby’s LCS-2 USS Independence
  • Kit Review: Wave’s PKA.M Melusine
  • Accessory Review: Mike Grant’s Aircraft Instrument Decals
  • Photo Walkaround: The AAF Tank Museum’s M1917 Six Ton Special