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June 2011


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Whoops! Last month’s meeting was a little “different”. We were unable to get access to the classroom, so the meeting was held outside in front of the facility. Quite a few guys showed up, as the photo below shows.

I finally remembered to bring the award we received for being voted the IPMS Region 13 Chapter / Newsletter / Website of the Year, which can be seen on the cover of this month’s rag. Good work guys for making us number one!

The IPMS National Convention will take place from August 3 to 6, which is next week. I am not sure any members will be attending, but next year will at Disney World, Orlando!

The following are photos from last month’s “al fresco” meeting. We had to have an abbreviated shown and tell, as the sun was going down fast!

Mac is making all new masts and yardarms out of wood, to replace the overly flexy plastic ones that came with the kit.

Warren Arakaki always makes unusual and interesting models. Last month, he brought a pair of F-18 Egg Planes, painted up as Blue Angels aircraft.

Warren’s Blue “Egg” Angels F-18s do a formation fly-by.

Andrew “Guns-Guns-Guns” Leong continues work on his 1/3rd scale scratchbuilt minigun. Now where will he find a 1/3rd scale Arnold Schwarzenegger figure? No promises yet, but Andrew vowed to be back.

Lance “Orkork” Masunaga’s Skeleton Warriors seem to be trying to keep scale stuff off their display base!

The June meeting was Marshall Ariza’s last, as he is moving back to Ohio in July. I would like to thank Marshall for all his efforts in supporting the club, and sharing with us his enthusiasm for modeling. We will miss you Marshall!

(In case you aren’t sure who Marshall is, there he is on the left.)

Marshall’s scratchbuilt 1/350th scale USS Sacramento continues to take shape.

And finally 2012 will be an election year, and it has been four years under the Glenn Boss administration. Our club has accomplished many things and grown during this time, but to keep things moving forward, we should have our own election for 2012. So all you guys with great ideas on taking the club to new directions, please work on your resumes and start your campaigning now! We are looking for candidates for president, vice president, secretary, and sergeant at arms. The last two are new, as I see the need for those positions. A secretary is needed to take notes during the meetings so that there is a written record of what gets discussed, especially stuff like display plans. It will also be used to help identify models and their builders on our website updates. The sergeant at arms would be responsible to maintain order and good manners at the meetings. I will be furnishing a water pistol for that purpose. One qualification to run for office is that you must be a national IPMS member to run for office, as that is a charter requirement. We will hold elections during the November meeting this year.

I would also like to request that someone volunteer to take over the editor’s position, as I am still trying to sort out some personal matters which are making it difficult to focus on doing the newsletter.




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