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November 2009 Meeting

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Meeting Info

The November meeting was the last one for 2009.  The theme was “Models on a Base”, and we had quite a good turnout.  Dennis “the Big D” Sienkiewicz brought his massive 1/35th scale Kotobukiya X-Wing Fighter.  This has to be the ultimate “trading figure in a box” (actually it came in a big box with six smaller boxes inside), as in addition to the pre-finished components, a diorama base with ground vehicles and personnel were included as part of the set.

Lloyd Ogata brought a Vietnam diorama featuring an ACAV M113 with stunningly realistic palm and banana trees that he made himself.  The commercially available stuff does not even come close to what Lloyd has accomplished using only simple materials.  We hope to have a detailed how-to article in the near future!

Pete Bega brought the only other armor subject, a 1/35th scale Tamiya M16 Gun Motor Carriage modified to an M2 Halftrack.

Tom Teliczan brought a very nice 1/72nd scale Tamiya Fw-109A3 on a Hawkeye Design resin compass turntable.  Jerry Stanfield’s 1/72nd scale ICM Tupolev SB-2 was accompanied by a Studebaker fuel truck, set on an icy Styrofam base.  Weldon Dunlap brought a bunch of 1/72nd scale WW II fighters on wood bases.  Included in the flock were a BF-109G6, Yak-9, Yak-9T, P-51B, and P-40F.

John Palimo’o brought a very nicely built 1/48th scale Czech Models FJ-1 Fury.  The glossy blue finish was exceptionally well done, and the model gave no hint that it was one of those hard to build (nicely) types.  Dean Lazarou brought a 1/72nd scale CH-53D, which was converted from an Italeri HH-53C.  John and Dean’s models did not have bases, but were still in theme, as the club’s standby tarmac sections were present at the meeting!  

Mark “Supersonic” Sindiong made a welcome return with his 1/48th scale Fine Molds Snowspeeder.  The included stand was finished in an authentic Hoth snow-like texture.  Now we only need in-scale AT-AT Imperial Walkers to have all-out battle action!  Lance “Big Bird” Masunaga continued his Warhammer 40K streak with his Orc Warboss figure.  He finished building and painting the figure inside of one week!  Mark “Marky-Mark” Nagamori had a pre-launch malfunction when he dropped his Thunderbird-1.  A stabilizer fin broke off and went flying to places unknown.  However, the part was discovered intact a few days later, so Thunderbirds are still go!

Brad “Shogun” Sekigawa continues his saga of scratchbuilding the Pices IV and V research submersibles for Terry Kirby, the man who pilots the real things.  You might know the subs from the recent National Geographic special on the search for the I-400 subs off the coast of Oahu, in which the subs were used.

And now for club news.  Gary Dobias, our treasurer for many years, has stepped down from office, so we will need someone to fill his place.  John Palimo’o has offered his services, and so we will put it to a vote during the January 2010 meeting.  If anyone else wishes to be included in the ballot, toss your name in the hat in January.

The club party will be held once again in January instead of December, at Glenn’s place like the last time.  Exact details will be sent to everyone when they are available.

And finally, a vote was taken for the meeting themes for 2010.  The winners are as follows:

January 1/30/10 – HAWAII MODELS:  Any model related to Hawaii in any way, shape, or form.  Pearl Harbor stuff, Hawaiian or Aloha airliners, Hawaii National Guard stuff, and even an outrigger canoe if you have one!

March 3/27/10 – 1/144 SCALE, THE NEW 1/72:  The title says it all.  Any model in the teeny-tiny scale; aircraft, ships, armor, sci-fi.  If it is in 1/144 scale, it is in!

May 5/29/10 – SHUT UP AND BUILD:  Just finish something.  Anything.  We are a model club, so the call goes out to all members to show up with just one built model.

July 7/31/10 – MY FAVORITE THING:  Build a model of your favorite subject.  Don’t forget to bring your story explaining why.

September 9/25/10 – OLD MODELS:  Build a model from the 1970’s or earlier.  Relive the glory days of yesteryear, with raised panel lines, rivets, working features, snap fit, and glow-in-the-dark!  Rescribing panel lines, PE and resin aftermarket will not be encouraged, but will be allowed.

November 11/27/10 – Tamiya Models:  Build a model from Japan’s finest.  If you have never built a Tamiya, you have not experienced modeling to its fullest.


  • Img 0920 Weldon P4-40f 1-72 Academy Lq
    Built by Weldon Dunlap
  • Img 0922lq Weldon P51-b 1-72 Scale Monogram
    Built by Weldon Dunlap
  • Img 0924 Weldon Yak 9 1-79lq
    Built by Weldon Dunlap
  • Img 0925 Lance Lq
    Built by Lance Masunaga
  • Img 0933lq
  • Img 0938 Thunderbird 1 Missle 1-350 Aoshima Lq
    Built by Mark Nagamori
  • Img 0947 Fw-190 A3 1-72 Tamiya Lq
    Built by Tom Teliczan
  • Img 0954 M113 Acav 1-35 Academy Lq Lloyd Ogata
    Built by Lloyd Ogate
  • M113 ACAV by Academy in 1/35scale
    Built by Lloyd Ogata
  • Img 0966lq
    Built by Lloyd Ogata
  • Img 0970lq
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • Img 0976lq
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • Img 0977lq
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • Img 0980lq
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • Img 0981lq
    Built by Brad Sekigawa
  • Img 0940mark Sindiong Lq
    Built by Mark Sindiong
  • Dennis Sienkiewicz Img 0952 1-35 Scale Lq
    Built by Dennis Sienkiewicz
  • Pete Bega 135th Scale Tamiya M16 Gun Motor Carriage Im  0988 Lq
    Built by Pete Bega
  • Jerry Stanfield Img 0944 Plane-tupolev Sb-2 1-72 Icm Company With Studebaker Field Trucklq
    Built by Jerry Stanfield
  • John Palimoo Img 0942 Fj-1 Fury 1-48 Czech Modellq
    Built by John Palimoo
  • Dean Img 0931 Ch-53d 1-72 Italeri Lq
    Built by Dean Lazarou




November 2009

  • Historical Reference: Mitsubishi 's Type 96 A5M2 "Claude" In Detail
  • Kit Accessory Review: Wolf pack Resin's C-17 Globemaster III Flaps Down Set in !/144
  • Kit Review: Encore's Fokker F.I "Voss" in 1/32
  • Hobby Shops in Strange Places: Joshin Kidsland-Kyoto