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Mantic Games’
Orc w/ Great Axe
By: Lance “Orkork” Masunaga

How evil is Mantic Games for selling copies of their original miniature as resin kits? Games Workshop should take some notes on this. At first I had mixed feelings about it because I’ve heard horror stories of resin kits from the UK. However because of the reputation of the company, and there are always exceptions to the rule, I decided to give them a chance.

Mantic Orc Ax Resin Kit Mantic Orc Ax Resin Kit
Mantic Orc Ax Resin Kit

Initial Impressions

First off, I didn't like the pose of the kit although I already knew how it looked before I ordered it. I'm disappointed that they had picked one of my least favorite figures out of the bunch, as its pose was not very dynamic. Another thing is that it was pretty big, a lot bigger than what I had thought it would be. It’s very interesting to compare the original master sculpt to the final plastic 28mm version.

The resin didn’t meet the quality or smoothness of a Japanese garage kit, but it was still decent enough. Being a resin kit I had expected to see lots of bubbles in very important places. Fortunately I could not find any problem areas where bubbles destroyed detail. I did find some areas that had tool marks on the kit, but these can be fixed easily with putty.

Mantic Orc Ax Resin Kit

The figure had a very hand crafted and sculpted look to it. I'm not sure if this was intentional, because when the figure is pantographed down to one third the original size for production of the metal injection molds, some fine detail would be lost. The shield and axe were both extremely rough and had a porous texture, like the sculptor attempted to give these areas a cast iron look. The facial expression was done very well, although it did seem a little simplified. Again, this is probably because a lot of detail will be lost when shrunk to one third the original size.

Final Thoughts

When I ordered this kit, I kind of already knew what to expect going in. After looking over it I felt I've got my money's worth. The part breakdown was exactly the same as the 28mm plastic version. As the main body was in one piece, there were limitations to making the pattern compatible with the injection molding process. I'm also fairly certain that all of the detail is not preserved when shrunk down. The figure is designed to be a 28mm tall not 84mm. The sculptor had to keep in mind that some detail would not be visible, and certain parts would have to be thicker or heavier to be practical to mold in 28mm.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend this kit to anyone who was really picky about detail. If you are a fan of Mantic Games miniatures, you'll definitely like it. But buy it now because they will only be here for a limited time. Also, if you have a passion for Orcs, this is the only large scale Orc I have ever seen. Finally, if you're a fan of World of Warcraft (WoW) and are looking to build something which resembles an Orc Warrior, this is the kit to get. He doesn't look like a level 85 Prot Warrior in Epic gear, but more like a level 45 Prot Warrior in Uncommon gear.

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