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LoTR Winged Nazgul

GamesWorkshop LoTR Winged Nazgul in 25mm

Ludicrously Overpriced Tiny Replica
By: Lance “My Precious” Masunaga
Kit: Winged Nazgul
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Scale: 25mm
Materials: Injection Molded Plastic
MSRP $57.95
Available From: The Armchair Adventurer

When they first announced this kit I was pretty stoked to get it. First off it comes in a very small box and it is a fairly expensive kit. I expected to box to be around the same size the High Elf Warlord on Dragon but this kit comes nowhere near that size. For a $57.95 kit, there’s not much plastic here.

What’s In The Box?

GamesWorkshop LoTR Winged Nazgul in 25mm

For nearly sixty bucks, this is all you get.

Compared to other Games Workshop kits, this one doesn’t even come close. The model consists of only three very bare sprues containing only a few optional parts which enable to you change the pose of the rider and the head of the dragon. I suspect the high mark up is due to the royalties paid to Mr. Peter Jackson. Sometimes Games Workshop will also tend to charge more of the more “valuable” units for their games compared to the common infantry. When I compared this kit to the Ork Trukk which I had recently built, this kit definitely falls short. With the Trukk, there’s at least three times the amount of parts compared to this one. The kit itself is also a lot smaller then what I thought it would be. From looking at the pictures of it online, I was hoping for it to be around the size of the High Elf Warlord on Dragon, but it is actually about ½ the size and at a slightly higher price.

GamesWorkshop LoTR Winged Nazgul in 25mm

Two different heads for the dragon are available for slight customization.

Kit Quality

Being a recent Games Workshop kit, the molding quality does not disappoint. The detail is very crisp and sharp. All of the parts look like they fit very well. There are not a lot of parts so assembly should be a snap. One thing which I did notice is that the reigns are molded very thin and look to-scale with the rest of the kit. One problem common to all of Games Workshop’s flying beasts is that the wings are overly thick.

Final Thoughts

For the price you pay, it’s not really worth it. This kit is recommended only to true hard-core LoTR fans. For the casual modeler, there’s lots of other kits by Games Workshop which cost less and have more detail, parts and options.