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Tomb Kings Ushabti

Warriors with Great Weapons

Featured in June 2011 Newsletter

Games Workshop’s
Citadel Finecast Ushabti Warriors
In 25mm Scale
By: Lance “Orkork” Masunaga

So one day I was checking out the Games Workshop site to see what new stuff I could buy. They had an announcement about a new line called Finecast. Their claim was that they would revolutionize the gaming miniature industry by making figures in resin instead of white metal. Being a modeler who builds mainly in plastic, I saw this as a step backwards. The site rambled on and on about how crisp and detailed their new figures would be. Comparing the newer resin figures to the old metal ones, they cost significantly more. To me it seemed like it was just another way to make up an excuse for selling their products to their consumers at a higher cost. I was under the impression that they were moving more towards plastic considering they revamped some of their Forgeworld and metal kits into plastic. Games Workshop also has come quite a long way in the engineering of their plastic kits. Most of their newer plastic kits would equal the best Japanese kits out today.

My first impression of the figures was that they looked exactly like how a metal version would look, except they were made out of resin. Looking closer at the figures they did look a little crisper than a metal version. The mold parting lines were only found in certain areas so cleanup should be easy. The parts attached to the sprue by wide but thin gates which preserved most of the detail. Some of the gates were so narrow that parts were broken off when I opened the box. Fortunately they were very clean breaks and didn't damage any of the detail.

Some of the gates are very wide but thin where they connect to the parts.
The detail of the ripped stitched cloth would not be possible in metal.

Overall, I'm fairly satisfied with the quality of the figures. Even though they do cost a bit more then the metal versions, they are worth every penny. From what I can recall Games Workshop has never increased prices on any of their miniatures. With a different economy from yesteryear, I feel they do have the right to charge a little bit more. Their products have shown some major improvement over the years, and if I see something new that they make that interests me, I would buy it in heartbeat.

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