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Da Vinci Armoured Car
By: Neal “What’s-a-matta you?!” Izumi
Manufacturer: Academy
Scale: Not Stated
Materials: Injection Molded Plastic
Available From: All good hobby shops


The main parts are molded in brown plastic with a noticeably streaky color and texture. (Wood grain texture,maybe?) The smaller parts are molded in black. Overall detail is sparse and heavy handed. The cannons are molded all as one piece, with a ring connecting them. The muzzles are not molded open. A clock wind motor is also provided, so that with a couple of turns of the tank’s hatlike roof, you can run your model across the kitchen floor. A big lever which controls the motor (and reminded me of the switch on Mega Maid’s vacuum cleaner in “Space Balls”) protrudes out of the rear hull. No interior detail is provided. The overall impression of this kit is that it is a simplified educational toy rather than a scale miniature.


Well, I can’t comment on accuracy as the model is based on a concept drawing. But the kit has fewer hull panels, and thus looks blockier than the illustration. The 1/72 Retrokit resin model more closely approaches the original look compared to the Academy kit:


If you are looking for a quick weekend project to play with, this kit is for you. For those wishing a more serious miniature, you will have to get the aforementioned Retrokit model or scratchbuild your own.

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