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Wave Macross Tomhawk in 1/72scale

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By: Neal “Makurosu” Izumi
Kit: MBR-04 Destroid Tomahawk
Manufacturer: Wave
Scale: 1/72
Product No: WAVMC-71
MSRP: 6,800 Yen
Available from: Hobby Link Japan

Many moons ago I picked up Arii’s 1/72 Tomahawk at the then staggering price of $12 or so. Since then, I don’t believe that the kit was ever reissued, so it became a high priced item on Evil Bay. I think the fact that the Tomahawk was also known as the Warhammer in Fasa Games’ “Battledroid” (known as Mechwarrior post George Lucas’ lawsuit) also made it a highly sought after kit. Twenty five years later, Wave has given us the ability to buy a brand new tool kit of the Tomahawk, albeit at an astonishing price.

Wave started off as a small garage kit company in Japan, but has recently begun to produce high quality injection molded plastic sci-fi kits. To my critical eyes, their molding quality is first rate, but their kit engineering lags a bit behind plastic robo kit giant Bandai. For example, a lot of the parts in the Tomahawk must be assembled, then painted, then inserted into another set of parts, then painted, and so on. Bandai is the reigning champion of modular assembly techniques, so it would benefit Wave to emulate them on future products. I noticed some extremely thinly molded parts in the Tomahawk kit, which I presume were done that way to avoid sink marks. Still, I can’t help but be a little concerned about strength and durability after construction.

Wave Macross Tomhawk in 1/72scale

But the kit shines in other areas. First off, the large main gun barrels are not split longitudinally, but rather are molded as stacking tube segments. The join lines are at recessed rings near the muzzle opening, so there will be absolutely no risk of sanding the barrels into lopsided oblivion. The barrels are not open, but they could be drilled out after assembly. A decal is provided to represent the bore.

Wave Macross Tomhawk in 1/72scale

Slide molding is used in abundance not only to provide open machine gun barrels, but to enhance details on complex parts. In particular, a small but nice touch is the pop-up periscope, which has a left/right mold parting line, but features a slide molded lens. In comparison, most aircraft kits that have clear gun sights have a mold line that runs through the reflector, making clean up a chore.

Clear parts take care of all the little sensors and lights, as well as the large searchlight lens. The body mounted missile clusters are designed to slide forward when the hatches are opened. The cockpit also opens, revealing a simplified partial pilot figure. Waterslide decals are provided, with alternate numbers so you can customize your Tomahawk.

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