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PKA.M Melusine

Manufacturer: Wave
Scale: 1/20
Product No: YK-03
MSRP: 3,200 Yen
Materials: Injection molded styrene, wire, brass screen, waterslide decals
Available from: Hobbylink Japan
By: Neal “Natsurokka Hai Hai” Izumi

Check Out Club Meeting: June 2010 Meeting

Featured In: June 2010 Newsletter

 Wave's  PKA.M Melusine in 1/20scale

The Melusine (mermaid) is a late model Strahl Demokratische Republik design that was built to counter the Mercenary Force’s Super Armored Fighting Suit (SAFS). The Melusine was produced using the running gear of the terrestrial Gustav, and body and indirect sighting system of the space-based Kauz

Wave’s Melusine combines Nitto’s original Gustav kit with their own newly tooled parts. In fact, a complete Gustav kit can be found in the box, which is puzzling, as some of the sprues like the transparencies are not used. Nitto did produce a Kauz, but since the Melusine’s body was subtly altered, no parts could be used from that kit. All of the sprues are molded in a dark brown color, which is a departure from the MaK standard RLM-02. Slide molding is used to produce complex parts, including the body and pilot figure bust. I noticed weld bead detail has been provided, which is an improvement over Wave’s previous AFS kits, which had none. An errata sheet is included which directs the builder to reduce the diameter of the shoulder mounting pins to fit the poly-caps in the body. A color camouflage card, waterslide decals and pack of coiled springs, wires and brass screen round out the package.

The new parts tooled by Wave appear to be well engineered and look great. The weak point of this kit is the jointing system for the arms and legs, which is carried over from the old Nitto Gustav. A lot of MaK modelers sculpt fixed pose epoxy putty joints, but I like to be able to pose mine.

So I will most definitely be redoing all of the joints with aftermarket poly-caps and using old umbrella fabric to cover the moveable parts like I did with the PKA H.0. All crying aside, it is great that we have a (sort of) mainstream injection molded kit of the Melusine. Now what to do with that $60 Modelkasten resin kit...

 Wave's  PKA.M Melusine in 1/20scale

These are the Melusine specific parts that Wave has tooled. The rest of the kit is made up of PKA Gustav parts.

 Wave's  PKA.M Melusine in 1/20scale  Wave's  PKA.M Melusine in 1/20scale

The kit comes with the obligatory camouflage card and a set of colorful decals.

Errata sheet.

 Wave's  PKA.M Melusine in 1/20scale

The new pilot figure. What a mug!

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