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Mike Grant Instrument Decals

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Manufacturer: Mike Grant Decals
Scale: 1/48 (1/72 & 1/32 also available)
Product No: CKJ-048 and CKP-048
MSRP: $7.50 Each
Available from: Mike Grant Decals
By: Neal “Dial D for Decals” Izumi

Mike Grant’s cockpit instrument decals have been around for some time now, and his products perfectly illustrate how a small manufacturer can fill a niche need in the model aftermarket.

Even some major kit manufacturers sometimes fail to provide any sort of molded-in detail or decals to fill in the blank holes in their instrument panels. (Suprisingly, Tamiya is one of the culprits here.) Paint brush challenged individuals such as myself have a hard time picking out tiny tick marks with toothpicks and pins.

This is what you get on the 1/48 jet aircraft instrument set.

And this is what you get with the 1/48 prop aircraft set.

So what is the modeler to do when a project comes up that has a blank instrument panel, and there are no instrument panel decals in the spares folder? Enter Mike Grant Decals. Mike Grant’s instrument decals come in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scales, in propeller-era and 1970s jet-era styles. Also included on both sheets are some useful placards which feature metallic lettering, which is perfect for landing gear data placards.

The printing quality is really something, as even the 1/72 scale sets revealed sharp detail, under high magnification. Be sure to carefully scrutinize the individual decals prior to use, as the specific instrument types are recognizable. You don’t want to use a compass where the artificial horizon is, do you?

The decals are Alps printed on a continuous clear carrier film, so individual items must be cut out to use. The instructions recommend using a punch and die set for the round dials, but they can be carefully cut out by hand.

The decal sets contain a bunch of panel faces with switches and placards, all useful stuff!

The dial faces are legible, so pick carefully when decaling your instrument panel!


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