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Kit Review: Mach 2’s P6M-2 Seamaster

In 1/72 scale

By Neal “A fool & his money” Izumi

Mach 2’s P6M-2 Seamaster in 1/72scale

Ah Mach 2, that enigmatic model company from France that seems to defy explanation. Why do their kits cost so much? Why do they never get better in quality? How do these guys stay in business? Well, the last question can be answered by a quick peek at their kit lineup. You won’t see other manufacturers doing stuff like the LeDuc ramjets, B-45 Tornado, or Convair Sea Dart, although I think MPM should give them a try.

Which brings us to the Martin P6M Seamaster. I must confess up front that I knew perfectly well what I would find in the large, flimsy box. But the box art was so nice that it suggested a level of quality that was several orders of magnitude better than what was actually provided.

Mach 2’s P6M-2 Seamaster in 1/72scale

Yikes! Thank God this is the inside of the wing! The outer surfaces are much better.


The parts are molded in Mach 2’s usual pale translucent grey plastic, with the standard scruffy, pebbly surfaces marred with strange crinkles. Detail is soft, and there is an abundance of jagged flash and ejector pin marks for those who enjoy removing such stuff. The sprues containing the wing halves were a little too big to fit in the box, causing the trailing edges of the wingtips to curl.

Mach 2’s P6M-2 Seamaster in 1/72scale

Check out the ejector pin marks! Fortunately these won’t be seen after construction.

The instructions are nothing but a small collection of scrap views showing how a couple of the smaller parts go together. The beaching dolly is made up of quite a few parts, and would have benefitted from clearer and more complete directions.

Judging by the quality of the rest of the kit, I will be approaching the decal sheet with extreme caution when I try to build this beast.

Mach 2’s P6M-2 Seamaster in 1/72scale

Lots of pieces with lots of flash.

There were a couple of things that were “improvements” compared to the other kits I have from this manufacturer: no short shots, no missing or broken parts, no ejector pins poking through parts, and an injection molded canopy which could be loosely described as transparent. Unfortunately, the canopy shape is inaccurate, and it has a nice dent molded right in, so a vac-formed replacement will be needed.

The left fuselage appears to have a long uneven sliver missing along the top joint, which led me believe the halves were warped. The entire airframe will require a great deal of sanding, scribing, and sharpening of dull details

Mach 2’s P6M-2 Seamaster in 1/72scale

Globby, blobby, soft detail abounds! Note that the center console is askew.


So is this kit worth the big bucks? Well, the Anigrand P6M actually sells for a little less, but it is made of resin, and does not come with a beaching dolly. Personally, I think it is a tossup, although Phil “Bondo” Brandt of Hyperscale fame noted that Mach 2’s kit is the more accurate. This kit is definitely not for beginners or for the faint of heart. I am going to treat this kit as a vacuform, and redo most of the small details. However, if the builder packs enough modeling punch and has the determination and will, a really unique and attractive model will result.

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