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Pilots & Ground Crew
Royal Air Force WW II
By: Neal “dakka-dakka-dakka” Izumi
Manufacturer: Revell of Germany
Scale: 1/72
Product No: 02401
MSRP: $14.95
Materials: Injection molded styrene
Available from: All good hobby shops

Revell of Germany (RoG) has addressed my greatest grumble with pilot figure sets; that is they usually contain one or two seated pilots, and everyone else is in standing poses. There are 25 figures in the box, with two or four duplicates for each. Each figure has separate arms, with a few also having separate heads. The seated figures have separately molded upper and lower torsos, and come with or without oxygen masks, and with goggles up or down. There are 12 seated figures, so that means half the box, which makes me very happy.

The poses and detailing of the figures is very good.

The quality of molding is good, easily matching or exceeding what is currently available. The tooling is completely original, with no old leftover figures from Preiser on the sprues like in their Luftwaffe set. I noticed that there were no ejector pin marks on the figures’ backs, which is a common malady that affects the majority of plastic figures. The poses look very natural, and the fact that the figures are molded from hard styrene plastic means that assembly, modifications, and painting will be straightforward. No instructions are included, and the limited painting guide is printed on the back of the box. The parts on the sprue are not numbered, but then, if there are no instructions, why bother? I think the small parts are conveniently grouped on the sprue around each recipient figure.

The box contains one sprue with multiples of each figure.

This is what you are provided for assembly and painting – there are no instructions in the box!

If you have some 1/72 RAFWW II aircraft that need a set of crew, RoG’s figure set is the perfect choice. Hopefully RoG will make figures from other countries, as well as Cold War / modern figures . Heck, scaling up to 1/48 scale would not be bad either. Highly recommended.