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RS Model’s Junkers Ju-86P
In 1/72nd Scale
By: Neal “hypoxia” Izumi

Featured in June 2011 Newsletter

The Ju-86P was a specialized high altitude bomber/reconnaissance aircraft that was based off a prewar design. They were used with relative impunity until 1943, when the RAF was finally able to catch these high flying raiders.

Prior to RS Models’ kit, the only way to get one of these exotic planes was to convert the Italeri Ju-86D/E. The primary modifications would have involved the entire forward fuselage, engines, and of course the elongated wings.

The RS kit includes two sets of outer wing panels and both 3 and 4 blade propellers, allowing the P1 bomber, P2 recon, and prototype Ju-86R to be built. Parts breakdown is conventional, but no locator pins are provided. The moldings are pretty good for a limited run kit, but of course careful cleanup of the parts will be required.

A small fret of PE and film instruments provides a wealth of detail bits for the cockpit, but the clear parts are thick, so all that detail might be obscured after construction.

Four decal options are provided, the Ju-86R prototype having both German and captured British markings. No swastikas are provided, so you’ll have to source your own.

The camera port windows are included, but their openings in the lower fuselage are DIY. A cutting guide is provided.

All in all, an interesting model of an interesting aircraft. It is amazing that such esoteric subjects keep coming from the injection molded kit manufacturers year after year. The only thing I can think of to improve this kit is to replace the clear parts with thinner vac-form bits. Well, the price is also a sore point. With the MSRP around $70 in the US, it is really overpriced for what you get.

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