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Revell Deutschland 1/144th scale C-17A Globemaster III

By Valentin “No More! Please! No!? More Please?” Bueno I’m sorry, but I still think the C-17

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Revell Germany C-17A Globemaster III in 1/144scale

I’m sorry, but I still think the C-17 Globemaster III looks like a fat flying whale. Yet, I am also a fan of the aircraft. There’s nothing bad about being big and round (said I as I glanced down at my own roundness). So when Revell Deutschland announced the release of this aircraft in 1/144th scale, I was a very happy camper. With the release of the Xtradecals decals of the Hawaii Air National Guard, I was even happier! Yahooooooo!!!!!

Revell Germany C-17A Globemaster III in 1/144scale

Xtradecals for the C-17A

am not an expert on the C-17 so I cannot give a bit by bit accuracy analysis of the model, but what I can do is supply some close up photos of various parts of the kit. You can decide for yourself if the kit’s surface detail, interior detail, cockpit, landing gear bays and so on are up to your standards. You can find photos of the entire sprue online if you need them. The Xtradecal decals have markings for 9 different aircraft. I bought the sheet for the Hawaii Air National Guard (HANG) decals, naturally. I have included detail photos of the HANG markings. Of course being the scale snob that I am, I only have one criticism of the kit, it’s not in 1/72 scale! Oh Trumpeter……

  • C17-a 02
  • C17-a 03
  • C17-a 04
  • C17-a 05
  • C17-a 06
  • C17-a 07
  • C17-a 08
  • C17-a 09
  • C17-a 10
  • C17-a 11
  • C17-a 12
  • C17-a 13
  • C17-a 14
  • C17-a 15
  • C17-a 16
  • C17-a 17
  • C17-a 18
  • C17-a 19
  • C17-a 20
  • C17-a 21
  • C17-a 22
  • C17-a 23
  • C17-a 24

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