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Kit Review:
Cyberhobby’s 1/72 scale
F6F-5N Hellcat
By Valentin “The Glutton” Bueno


These days, new kits of your favorite subject are like the City buses. Nothing for ages then along comes a whole bunch! Hellcats in 1/72 scale are a perfect example. After many years without a new kit (I don’t count Italeri (haaach spit) kit as one) of a 1/72 scale Hellcat, we get 2! One from Eduard (still yet to be seen) and one from Cyberhobby out of China.

I ordered the Cyberhobby (CH) kit as soon as I could from Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). The kit arrived after several months delay by CH, but arrive it did. The box has a really nice glossy feel to it, top and bottom with artwork on all sides. Even the bottom of the box has the CAD images of the models on it! The parts come on 8 sprues molded light gray, one sprue of clear plastic with open and closed canopies, a photoetched set of seat belts and a decal sheet.

Features of the kit include a detailed cockpit, engine, engine accessories bay, variable position rudder, ailerons and canopy, folded or extended wings and for some odd the entire interior of the fuselage is ribbed! I suspect a clear version with interior detail is forthcoming, but don’t hold me to that. The kit also comes with the choice of three different wheels (coarse cross hatch, fine cross hatch or radial tread) and extended or retracted landing gear, complete with retracted wheel.

Here are a few photos of some of the detailed parts:

Instrument panel. (sorry it’s sideways)

Ever see a throttle quadrant that gorgeous in 1/72 scale?

The gun sight in 1/72 scale, geeez!

Part of the engine accessory package at the rear of the P&W R2800 18 cylinder engine.

Underslung Radar pod.

A fully ribbed interior? It is a mystery to me at this point; perhaps all shall become clear in the future…

The belly pan.

A Balding circumferential tread?

Some Say this propeller looks wrong, and that’s shape is suspect, all I know is that it has three blades and looks the part.

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