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Ref: 54/05
Latorre Models 54mm
Kit In Review
By Valentin "who?" Bueno

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Latorre Models Raul Garcia Latorre RFC Ace WWI in 54mm

Who is Raul?

Raul Garcia Latorre is one of those modelers that you want so badly to dislike, but cannot. He is a young and very handsome (at least according to my girlfriend; I wouldn't know a handsome man if he came up to me and sat on her lap) and highly talented. From almost the outset in his tournament career, he was getting the Gold Medal for his sculpting and painting skills. Goodness gracious, I wish I looked like him and built like him.

Latorre Models Raul Garcia Latorre RFC Ace WWI in 54mm

Latorre Models Raul Garcia Latorre RFC Ace WWI in 54mm

After winning all he could on the figure modeling tournament circles, he started Latorre Models a few years ago. This figure of a un-named RFC WW I ace is an older, but nonetheless an excellent kit. The figure is posed standing in a relaxed stance, either ready to get into his trusty Sopwith Camel or having just landed after a grueling dogfight with his arch enemy.

He wears a long leather coat to help fight off the biting cold at 10,000 feet. He is wearing a leather skull cap and has one leather glove off and one on.

Hot Metal

All of Latorre Model's kits are molded in white metal to a very high standard. Raul knows human anatomy and can give a figure that quintessential human touch that many sculptors lack.

The RFC Ace kit is molded in four pieces; the main body with head, arms, boots and coat all molded as a single piece. The hand holding the pipe is a separate part with two more making up the little scenic base. Fairly simple, right? The hard part is, of course, painting all those leather parts while making it look varied in hue and texture.

The detail included in the molding of the figure is very fine and well executed. You can see the seams in his leather flying helmet. The seams and wrinkles of his coat look very natural and not made just for the sake of wrinkles like some other figure sculptors.

Suffice to say, if you have a 1/32 scale Roden kit of a WWI fighter plane, this figure would look at home in front of it.

Latorre Models Raul Garcia Latorre RFC Ace WWI in 54mm

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