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TIE Bomber
Fantastic Plastic's
1/72 Kit In Review

By Val "the Ogre" Bueno

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Fantastic Plastic Tie Bomber in 1/72scale


The TIE Bomber made its first appearance in the classic movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It was used Evil Imperial Empire to flush out the Han Solo, the Princes and the rest on the Millennium Falcon from their hiding place in an asteroid field. Needless to say the bombers did NOT accomplish their mission.

When Fine Molds started releasing 1/72 scale kits of the various Star Wars vehicles, I was elated, I was overjoyed, I was one happy ogre. Now as I eagerly wait for each new release, I am finding other kits in 1/72 scale of other Star Wars vehicles.

Fantastic Plastic has released several of these ships as resin kits. These include the A-Wing, fighter, the B-Wing fighter, the Snowspeeder, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter X-1 and now the TIE Bomber.

The TIE Bomber kit is cast in a cream colored resin. It has a slightly waxy surface finish, but that is common with this type of resin. The quality of the casting isn't great, but more on that later.

The kit is made up of 26 parts, three large castings for the wings and twin hulls and 23 castings for everything else. The parts breakdown is very well thought out and looks easy to assemble. The cockpit area is molded solid, so no 1/72 scale Stormtroopers in flight suits to worry about.

Online references give the length of the TIE Bomber as 7.8 meters or 4.22 inches in 1/72 scale. The kit wings measure 4.62 inches. So it measures a little over scale in length. I don't have any published dimensions for width or height, so I cannot say if everything is correctly scaled or not.

What's really interesting is that the twin hulls look much larger than the standard TIE fighter. Having never seen an image of a regular TIE Fighter next to a TIE Bomber, I cannot tell if this is right. But it makes sense to me.

The photos show a size comparison between a Fine Molds TIE Fighter hull parts and the TIE Bomber hull parts.

Master model maker Alfred Wong has produced many of the master patterns for the Fantastic Plastic kits and these have been cast in resin by various people for Fantastic Plastic. The Darth Vader TIE Fighter X-1 was one such kit where the master pattern was made by Alfred Wong and cast by Mike Salzo. The TIE Bomber kit also had the master pattern made by Mr. Wong, but this time cast by a company called Masterpiece Models.

I wish they hadn't.

The quality of the moldings was worse than the TIE X-1 kit. Many details on the wings were very soft and tiny bubbles were everywhere. And worse than that, now I have Don Ho singing Tiny Bubbles in my head (Tiny Bubbles, in the molds…). In one wing, there is a HUGE bubble just under the surface detail. It looks like I'm going to have to be very careful when handling the model. There are bubbles breaking the surface all over the hulls and along all the fine details.

Truthfully, I have bought other resin kits that were in worse condition than this one and built them. This kit is still buildable despite the bubbles. You can take a look at the photos and decide for yourself if the bubbles are too much.

Fantastic Plastic Tie Bomber in 1/72scale

The kit costs $80 dollars (plus $8.87 shipping) from the Fantastic Plastic website. If you absolutely cannot wait for Fine Molds to produce a TIE Bomber (IF they do), then this is the only kit to go in 1/72 scale. I am an impatient modeling ogre. I want my TIE Bomber NOW!

Fantastic Plastic Tie Bomber in 1/72scale

Fantastic Plastic Tie Bomber in 1/72scale

Fantastic Plastic Tie Bomber in 1/72scale

Fantastic Plastic Tie Bomber in 1/72scale

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