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Jerry Stanfield

Shopping for the materials at City Mill and throwing the shop light together took less than half a day and 75.00 dollars. Of course the fact that I had a contractor friend along didn’t hurt! A 6 X 6 ft X 6” pineboard, cheaper and easier to work with, formed the mount. There are a number of shop lights available in different lengths and prices to suite your needs. The type of bulb you choose will also suite individual taste. Having measured everything in advance CM even did the cuts for me so it was unnecessary to use the adjustment chains that came with the light.

It was mounted directly to the wood cross piece. Screw it together add the top corner braces and the bottom corner brackets to mount it to the desk and WALAR! It’s done. A broad, soft shadow light source. I will mount a power strip to it and probably a hook for a power tool and little else, the K.I.S.S. rule you know. Only the X-acto knife comes close to being the best aid to modelers.

Shop light w/o tubes $32.99

FLUOR BULB 32W 2ea @ $4.99 = $9.98

PINE BOARD 2ea. @ $6.99ea $13.98

IRON CORNERS 3.5 in. top @ $5.19

CORNER BRACES 2 in. bottom @ $4.99ea $9.98

TOTAL $72.12

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