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Drybrushing/Highlighting is a very unique way of painting a model. The idea behind drybrushing is to use very dry paint on a brush and applying it to the model highlighting the raised areas.

Dip the brush into your paint. Do not completely submerge the brush in the jar. only the tip of the brush needs to be wet.

Now you want to get the paint on the brush to be fairly dry. This is done by lightly dusting the brush onto a paper towel or newspaper. Take care to use light dusting strokes. This process is complete when there is no paint being applied to paper towel.

Lightly brush the model as if you are dusting it. The dried pigment of the paint will adhere to the model. The pigment will only stick to the raised surfaces thus highlighting the model. If your paint is still wet, it will be applied to areas which do not wish to highlight.

One of the downsides to highlighting is that during the process of drybrushing will damage your brushes, so i would recommend using an older brush. I prefer to use the flat tips over the sharper tipped brush since they offer more coverage.

Drybrushing can be used to create more of a depth look to the model since it highlights the lighter part. Using the right colored paints, you can make the raised area lighter and the recessed areas darker. This technique can also be used as a form of weathering. with the right color combinations you can create a weathered effect.