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Tools Needed

Hobby Knife:

  • Can be purchased at: Hobby/Craft Shops and Office Supplies Stores
  • Price range: $3.00-$5.00

The #11 size X-acto knife is the most basic yet important tools you'll need.

Diagonal Cutters:

  • Can be purchased at: Hobby Shops or Electronic Stores
  • Price range: $6.00-$15.00

Diagonal cutters can be purchased at any local hobby shop or electronics store. They can also be found in the cosmetics section of Wal-Mart. For a beginner, I would recommend purchasing the cutter from Wal-Mart. They tend to run about $5.00 or less. Most of the Hobby equivalents will run from $10-$20. Diagonal cutter come in 2 different sizes so get the smaller one. The cutters are used to cut the parts off the sprue. The larger ones you might use once in a while, maybe to cut wire.


  • Can be purchased at: Hardware stores
  • Price range: $3.00-$5.00

Sandpaper can be purchased at your local Hobby Shop however, I would recommend buying them from a hardware store. At your local hardware stores you can purchase large 8.5"x11" sheets at low costs. Sandpaper should also be replaced on a regular basis due to being worn out. Sandpaper also comes in various grits, running from 60-12,000 grit. The lower the number the more rough the sandpaper is. For model building you can get away with 3 different grits: 220, 400, and 600grit. You may need a more rough or smooth grit depending on the type of model you are building. If you are building a model car, you would probably want to get the finer grits for a smoother finish.

Sometimes Sanding models can be ca pain. It may be difficult to get the sandpaper into the cracks and crevices of the model. For that you will need o construct your own sanding sticks. Another good source of sanding sticks can be found in the cosmetic section of your local X-Mart. These are called Emery Boards.

Modeling Glue:

Please see the Types Of Glue section on this page for details.

Modeling Putty:

  • Can be purchased at: Hobby Stores
  • Price range: $5.00-$10.00

We would recommend the Tamiya Putty over all others. Do not buy the Squadron Putty. Squadron Putty does not dry hard and tends to flake off when sanding.

Additional Tools that you may need:

Pin Vise:

  • Can be purchased at: Hobby/Craft Stores
  • Price range: $15.00-$25.00

This is your basic hand drill. It can be found at your local hobby shops are craft stores. The pin vise is useful for drilling out holes for barrels of guns, or other areas where you need a hole. If drill bits are broken or lost, replacement bits can also be found at your local hobby shops or online.


  • Can be purchased at:(Small) Hobby/Craft/Electronic Shops (Large) Electronic Shops
  • Price range: 7.00-$15.00

A pair of needle nose pliers always come in handy. These can be found at your local hobby shops or electronics store. These come in useful for holding or grabbing certain items. They do come in 2 different sizes like the diagonal cutters. Both sizes have their purpose.


  • Can be purchased at Wal-Mart/Hobby/Electronic Stores
  • Price range: $4.00-$15.00

Tweezers come in handy for holding tiny objects or gluing small objects into place. You can find cheap tweezers at Wal-Mart in the cosmetics section. There are also different styles and sizes of tweezers.